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Medical Mission MSMSAA Outreach Activity

The Marist School Marikina Alumni Association (MSMSAA) is organizing a Medical Mission for the members of the family of the Afternoon Shift students which will be conducted on Saturday, 13 February 2016 at the Grade School Covered Court.

This outreach activity consists of free medical check-up, dental consultation, tooth extraction, and medicines. There will also be lectures and presentations on health, safety and well-being.

Medical practitioners from different alumni batches, hospitals, medical schools, and institutions were invited to serve as volunteer physicians, dentists and nurses. Teachers, staff, personnel and students of Marist School will also participate as volunteers in different committee works. Medicines were solicited from drug companies through the efforts of different alumni contacts.

The free medical mission is a way of fulfilling one’s social responsibility to care for the well being of the less privileged in the community through volunteer work and services. Specifically, the objectives are to alleviate minor health symptoms and issues of the beneficiaries and to stir awareness and concern for the need to be fit and healthy for individual and community well being.