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Community Extension Office Initiates School-Wide Seed Distribution

Marist School’s Community Extension Office (CEO) implements one of the priority thrusts of the present administration on Ecological Advocacy through the “Propagation of Philippine Native and Tropical Fruit Tree Seedlings.”  In line with this, the CEO has initiated a school-wide distribution of various seeds of Philippine native trees. This project is a concrete response to mitigate the worsening problem of global climate change. The program hopes to propagate at least 500 seedlings of different species of native trees to mark the 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines.

In a letter to all parents on December 6, 2021, the Community Extension Office provided guidance on how the distribution would be conducted, together with schedules for the on-site pick-up of the seeds and seedling bags.  To know the details of the distribution, please read the letter here.