Shaping the Future, Guided by Faith


"It's collaborative in bridging the gap
between home and school."
(Ms. Angeline Balderama, GS Faculty) HOLISTIC Integrating faith, life, and culture ______________________________________
"Praised be Jesus, and Mary, His Mother!" VALUES-INFUSED Developing "good Christians and virtuous citizens" ______________________________________ "Marist VIOLETS inspires me to
use technology with heart and soul."
(Ms. Williza Ching, HS Faculty) TECH-INTEGRATED Developing students' 21st-century skills ______________________________________
"I find it very convenient and it surely
helps me study more efficiently."
(Angelo Lizardo, HS Student) STUDENT-CENTERED Catering to individual needs, interests, and learning styles ______________________________________


The Champagnat Global initiative is a “collaborative network” of around 600 schools spread across some 80 countries and 5 continents. Marist School Marikina is one of those. Read more about Champagnat Global in https://www.champagnat.global/en/


Our facilities serve to support the kind of holistic education that we provide.

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Testimonials to
Marist Education

Nothing can be more gratifying than when Maristas testify to the life-changing experience of Marist education. The following are some of what they say about how their lives have been shaped for the good given the chance of living their faith – the Marist way.

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The LRC provides services that support instruction such as library services, instructional media and related technologies. View their Facebook page here.

Marist School has different facilities that are responsive to the changing programs of educational delivery. These are places beyond the classroom where teaching-learning process also takes place to ensure quality education.

The Marist School Marikina Parents Teachers Association (MSMPTA), a collaborative effort of both school personnel and their parent-partners, is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Marist School Marikina Alumni Association fosters a spirit of brotherhood (and lately, sisterhood) among the thousands of alumni and alumnae who have lived a part of their lives within the halls of Marist.