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Through the words of colleagues and friends: new Marist School president, Br. Allan

The second half of the year 2020 indeed brings new experiences for many of us as we welcome a virtual school year. At the same time, we are all guided by the leadership of Marist School’s new president, a face who has been with the community years back: Br. Allan de Castro, FMS.

Br. Allan left the school more than a decade ago as its high school prefect of discipline, making sure that the students develop discipline fit for a Marista. Furthermore, he has been a true person of communion as he built cherished relationships with his students and colleagues. The following testimonials prove that as we journey in a new paradigm in education, the community is guided by a man whose heart knows no bounds.

“With the many years that I have known Br. Allan I would like to describe him using the acronynm, FMS.Com: a man of FAITH because of his deep sense and belief in God’s greatness; a man with a MARIAN heart because of his simplicity, being down to earth and transparent; a man of SERVICE because of his dedication and passion in whatever mission is assigned to him; and lastly, a man in COMMUNION with others because he exhibits the family spirit of collaboration and solidarity among the members of the community.” (Ms. Shellah Tabayoyong, High school Subject Area Coordinator for Science)



“Br. Allan is a very simple and humble person. He is a people person who loves talking with different people. He is very friendly and approachable.” (Mr. Joel Hubalde, Sports Coordinator)





“His very first ministry in Marist School was being the adviser to homeroom St. Mattew, a class of creative students. He was very patient and had a listening heart, traits which prepared him in becoming a prefect of discipline. I have witnessed that same patience when he journeyed with us in July 2017 for the Marist Pilgrimage. He was our team leader and tour guide rolled into one. Though he saw to it that we respected and observed the itinerary set for the day, he would also consult us along the way. Twelve years later, he’s back to Marist School and is bringing his consultative leadership style in the frontline.” (Ms. Susan Afable, junior high school faculty)


“Br. Allan is a very accommodating person. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, a well-disciplined and organized person who is willing to accept any challenge in life. He takes good care of his colleagues. (Mr. Joseph Echano, High school Subject Area Coordinator for TLE)





“Br. Allan is a friendly and approachable person and simple in his ways. During our pilgrimage, as a leader, he does things expected of him and sees to it that everyone is relaxed and comfortable.” (Mrs. Teresa Garlit, senior high school faculty)





“Br. Allan is a very unassuming person.  He makes you feel that he is not at all a person in position.  More than being a man of words, he is truly a man of action, a description that truly fits the word–Marist! (Mrs. Charissa Guevarra, Assistant Principal for Cluster 4)





“Br. Allan loves to laugh aloud. He has simple joys and pleasures. He made fun and joke people dear to him. He is a man of few words and is always direct to the point. If there is one word that perfectly fits him, it’s MARIST.” (Mrs. Chona Manalili, Afternoon Shift Program In-Charge)





“I remember Br. Allan not only as our Religion teacher way back during our junior year (2006), but also as a friend and mentor. He is quite firm and a disciplinarian. He knows when to joke and when to become serious. What I cannot forget most, he was the only Brother, who, without any hesitation, surprisingly invited us, Jigo and Reggiel, to have lunch with him at the Brother’s House since he frequently sees our group spending our recess and lunch at the covered walk near the entrance to the residence. I think it was tinola. That was our first lunch, there, but a memory to last. For us, it was a privilege. Our bond with Br. Allan, more as a Brother friend, was way beyond that. Well in fact, the gang, now with Franz and Kurt, even went to Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove and People’s Park, and he even had us take home a buko pie. What an escapade. Until the time he has to bid goodbye, being reassigned to where he was more needed, to Europe, to elsewhere. And now, after more than 13 years of knowing Brother Allan, who would have thought? The Brother who embraced us his students more as a friend is now my alma mater’s President. My heart is so humbled and proud. We will pray for you. Until we meet again. See you, soon, Brother President. (Mr. Adrian Mabalay, Alumnus from Batch 2007)

“Dear Br. Allan, congratulations on your appointment as the president of the school that made us boys into god-fearing men. My good friends from Batch 2007, Paolo Daryl, Bener and Kenneth are really happy with the news of your appointment. We have been very privileged to have been some of your first students here in Marikina. We are confident and happy to know that there will be other children who will grow up to be children of Mary through your guidance. Our prayers are with you always and we know that you will do your best to make it a home for our younger Marist brothers as the Kuya, guide and protector of the whole school. God bless you po, Brother! Congratulations!” (Mr. Josef Harry Victorino, Alumnus from Batch 2007)


“Br. Allan was my adviser when I was in 3rd year high school. I remember him as a loving and caring mentor. He is strict in terms of discipline but you can feel the compassion. I remember when he scolded one of my classmates due to his misbehavior, but in the end, he said sorry and comforted him. No wonder why he was assigned to be the prefect of discipline after a year. I remember the advice he gave me in terms of leadership and moral values. He is always telling me to put passion in everything I do. To Br. Allan, congratulations on your new calling. Continue to impart wisdom to the whole Marist community. God bless and more power, Brother!” (Mr. Paolo Tolosa, Alumnus from Batch 2007)