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Marist holds virtual completion for Kinder, Grade 10

Kinder and Grade 10 students from school year 2019-2020 officially moved up to their subsequent grade levels as Marist held completion ceremonies earlier this September 2020 via Zoom.

On September 5, a total of 42 Kindergarten students were recognized, each receiving a special award based on their behavior and development within the school year.

The awards given were based on the core values of Marist School and the standards set by the Department of Education.

Academic awards were also given to the top five students of the batch.

Meanwhile, 226 Grade 10 students moved up to senior high school in a ceremony held last September 12.

Year-end honors were recognized for excelling in the different subject areas and in their four-year stay in junior high school.

Additionally, select students from each section received homeroom and perfect attendance awards.