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Marist School Sports is Back!

Move muscles, sharpen skills, and develop discipline as Marist School sports returns—online!

We believe that aside from your academics, you can still continue honing your athleticism ang bring out the Golden Bear in you. Marist School will be offering an online sports clinic soon, as mentored by our very own coaches. What’s more, this is open to all Maristas and non-Maristas, varsity players or not!

Offerings are basketball, baseball, table tennis, and chess. The sports clinic will run for 12 sessions for only Php 1000.00. (See schedule below.)

Registration Process

1. Register online by contacting the coach/moderator through:

2. Process your payment to the Marist Business Office or through online transfer.

3. Email back proof of payment to the email address of the sport-coach/moderator.

4. You will receive an email of confirmation regarding your payment and/or call the sport-coach and arrange your schedule.

5. You’re almost done with your registration! Please wait for your confirmed schedule and date of your first day of class.