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Marist holds thanksgiving mass for service awardees, retirees

In an institutional mass in thanksgiving for the school’s service awardees last January 29, 2021 streamed on Facebook, mass presider Rev. Fr. Jimmy George Ma. Anastacio, CRSP reminded the viewers of the advantage of being small.

“When it comes to the kingdom of God, it is important not to be afraid to start small because the magnificent and great things always start with the small things,” he said in his homily.

Fr. Jimmy shared that while it is important to dream big, one must still start small.

He compared it to the area of Marist School, Marikina, which become more populated with residents as the school continued and “will continue” to grow.

He also addressed the personnel, saying that they are to cooperate in the formation of students.

“We have the privilege to cooperate with the kingdom of God, as He prefers to do it with us. Be faithful in the big things, but also be faithful with the small things,” Fr. Jimmy added.

He also reminded the personnel that they are not simply working for the institution, but for the kingdom of God, as they are to form young minds who will become leaders of the future.

“If we prepare them well, we prepare the kingdom of God as well,” he said.

A total of 24 awardees were recognized after the Eucharistic celebration, which include 25-year awardee Mr. Perfecto Briones Junior (Maintenance, Physical Plant Department) and 35-year awardee Ms. Violenda Sablan (Office of Personnel Services). (See complete list of awardees here.)

Meanwhile, eight retirees were also commended, which include Ms. Ory Valino (School Nurse), Mr. Alfonso Olicia (Maintenance, Physical Plant Department), and Ms. Nelia Velarde (Finance Officer). (See complete list of retirees here.)

Lastly, the school also recognized the six-year service of Br. Niño Pizarro, FMS as school president.