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Circular from the School President: June 14, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Greetings of Peace!

True to its commitment and mission of providing quality Christian education to the youth, especially the least favored, Marist School continues to offer its online distance learning program, the Marist VIOLETS (Virtual and Integral Education through Technology and Support Systems), for School Year 2021 – 2022. Likewise, it looks forward to another academic year filled with holistic, technology-integrated, student-centered, and values-infused learning that is uniquely Marist.

In relation to the coming school year, kindly take note of the following reminders:

1. Enrollment

  • Marking another milestone in its 58 years of existence, Marist School embraces the full implementation of the co-educational system across all grade levels. It is now accepting enrollees, both male and female K-12 students, for next school year.
  • In addition, parents and guardians are reminded to take note of the last day of enrollment for each grade level. On time enrollment is strongly encouraged to avoid paying a late fee of Php 500 to be charged to the student’s account if enrollment is done after the last day of enrollment for the grade level. The SCHEDULE OF THE LAST DAY OF PAYMENT is as follows:
    • July 26 – Grade 2
    • July 27 – Grade 3
    • July 28 – Grade 4
    • July 29 – Grade 5
    • July 30 – Grade 6
    • August 2 – Grade 8
    • August 3 – Grade 9
    • August 4 – Grade 10
    • August 5 – Grade 12
    • August 6 – Grade 1
    • August 7 – Grade 7
    • August 10 – Grade 11
  • Together with the final report cards to be emailed on June 25 to the parents and guardians of the current students is a document detailing the enrollment procedure, including the process to observe for either online or onsite enrollment.
  • For the safety of all stakeholders, the school highly recommends the parents and guardians to opt for online enrollment and transactions.

2. Tuition and Other Fees

  • Recognizing the financial difficulties of many of its stakeholders affected by the pandemic, Marist School assures the parents and guardians that there will be NO INCREASE IN THE TUITION FEE AND OTHER FEES.
  • For information on these school fees, payment schedule, and affiliated bank accounts, kindly click the following links:
  • Also, the school acknowledges the concerns raised by parents re Other Fees charges that are maintained which appear to be inconsistent with online distance learning. Some of the fees questioned include Guidance and Counseling Fee, Medical-Dental Fee, and Library Fee. Some of the student facilities and services also necessitate the hiring of personnel like librarians, guidance counselors, nurses, and school physicians. Moreover, these facilities and services are regulation driven, required by the Department of Education for all private schools. These are part of continuing minimum institutional requirements for Marist School to maintain its permit or recognition to operate from the Department. To date, there have been no issuances from the Department relieving private schools from maintaining and continuing these facilities and student services under the new normal. In addition, the fact remains that these facilities and services still have to be kept by Marist School in anticipation of the reversion to face to face learning when the pandemic ends and it is reasonably safe to resume in-person learning. Meanwhile, maintaining them has attendant costs, albeit unutilized.

3. Enrollment Commitment Fee

  • Primarily, the enrollment commitment fee is meant as part of the planning process of the school in preparation for the incoming school year. The number of parents who pay the fee is quite crucial in providing the school a realistic figure of the number of students expected to enroll the following school year—thus, greatly aiding the school, among others, in determining the number of sections to be opened; the number of teachers to be maintained/hired and their respective loading; and the number of slots to be made available for transferees.
  • Payment of the enrollment commitment fee can be made until June 18, 2021. Please take note that this amount is non-refundable but deductible to your child’s account upon enrollment.

4. Textbooks and Uniforms

  • Printed textbooks and modules are used as essential reference materials for both synchronous and asynchronous activities.
  • Every student is expected to wear the prescribed uniform when attending synchronous sessions.
  • All textbooks, modules, and uniforms (school uniform and PE uniform) will be available at the Student Activity Center (beside the PTA Office) by July 15, 2021.

5. Quarterly Examinations

  • During SY 2020 – 2021 quarterly examinations were not given during the entire school year due to the limitations of conducting and administering exams online without compromising the academic integrity of these exams.
  • Having critically studied ways on how to conduct and administer examinations online, Marist School would like to inform you that exams will already be given every quarter starting SY 2021 – 2022.
  • Likewise, we would like to remind you of the following guidelines in relation to the quarterly examinations:
    • Examination is given on a quarterly basis to measure the academic progress of the students.
    • Quarterly examination permits are given to those students who have settled their accounts for the quarter.
    • Tuition and other fees are to be settled before the quarterly examination days. Test permit is issued once payment of tuition is made. A student cannot take the quarterly examination without the test permit. Any concern with regard to tuition fee payment should be arranged/settled at least three (3) school days before the quarterly examination days.
    • Quarterly examination is given on scheduled dates.
    • In case of class suspension during quarterly examination, the sequence of the schedule of exams will be followed as is when classes resume.

6. Enrichment and Review Program

  • In partnership with one of the most reputable and well-established review centers in the country, the Expert Guides Tutorial Services (https://www.facebook.com/ExpertGuidesreviewcenterkatipunan/), Marist School offers an enrichment and review program for all its current students, especially those who have encountered academic challenges during SY 2020 – 2021.
  • The online program aims to provide students not only with a review of the topics covered in Mathematics and Science during the previous school year but, more importantly, with advanced lessons that will help boost his/her confidence in facing the academic challenges of the coming school year. [Note that more intensive topics are given to incoming Grade 11 and that additional subjects (Filipino and English), speed tests, and career orientation are given to incoming Grade 12.]
  • For incoming Grade 1 – 10 students, the program runs from July 5 – 17 (two hours each day; Monday to Saturday; total of 24 hours) for a discounted fee of Php 1,800; July 5 – 16 (four hours a day; Monday to Friday; total of 40 hours) for incoming Grade 11 for a discounted fee of Php 2,800; and, July 1 – 26 (four hours a day; Monday to Saturday; total of 88 hours) for incoming Grade 12 students for a discounted fee of 4,800.
  • Further details regarding the program—specific topics covered per subject, exact schedule of sessions, payment link, arrangement for modules and handouts, etc.—will be sent to you via the TechnoKids email account of your child on June 25 together with his/her final report card.

We thank you for your continued trust in and support for the Marist Education. For more than half a century Marist School has committed itself to serve the youth, especially the least favored, by educating and developing them into ‘good Christians and virtuous citizens.’ In the face of the present situation, Marist School remains true to its commitment to provide your child/ren with quality Christian education and a safe learning environment. Please know that our thoughts are with you and that we are working to ensure that your needs are met.

Thank you very much and may the Good Lord bless us all!


Br. Allan J. De Castro, FMS
School President