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LRC Continues Innovations

Our libraries may still be closed, but the Marist Learning Resource Center (LRC) services continue. In the second year of Marist VIOLETS, the LRC continues to innovate in order to continually support the learning needs of the Marist community.

Webinars on Google applications and EBSCOhost were conducted to assist teachers in their preparation for SY 2021-2022. Parents and students were oriented on Google classrooms, library programs and services, and e-resources the school is subscribed to during the orientation week. Online library sessions were also conducted to enrich students’ information and digital literacy skills.

The LRC website and Facebook page have been utilized to keep the Marist community informed and connected anytime, anywhere. YouTube has also been added as an additional learning resource.

Connect with us thru MaRVS (Marist LRC Reference Virtual Support), the library’s online help-desk and let us help you find answers to your reference queries and provide you research and technical assistance.


Ask MaRVS thru:

Email: lrc@maristschool.edu.ph

Chat: https://www.facebook.com/MaristLRC/

Call or Text: 0906-2921826


Visit the LRC website for more information and update: https://bit.ly/MaristLearningResourceCenter


Like and subscribe to the LRC YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_HJrGrlSevaOedOJIJytnQ


Always keep in mind, despite our distance, LRC will always be AT YOUR SERVICE!