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Marist School Assures Quality Remote Learning


Marist School continues to uphold its mission and vision of quality education in the new normal and assures its stakeholders of high-quality teaching and learning amidst the pandemic. Confident in the performance of the faculty in the delivery of the Marist VIOLETS (Virtual and Integral Online Education through Technology and Support System), Marist School embarks in its first foray in standardized online testing.
In collaboration with Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation Computer-Based Test (GRACE CBT), Grade 1 – 10 students have been scheduled to take standardized pre-test in selected content subjects to assess their initial learning and understanding based on the Department of Education’s MELC (Most Essential Learning Competencies).
Tests for the grade school students focus on English and Math while those of the junior high school students deal with English, Math, and Science. Another set of tests (post-tests) will be administered towards the end of the school year to gauge what the students have learned.
The homeroom advisers in partnership with the guidance team are the proctors for this first online standardized testing activity. The series of activities from the orientation of proctors to the actual test administration runs on Saturdays from September 11 to November 27.