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School’s Socio-Economic and Ecological Plans Bared


The Science and Religion subject areas, represented by their respective Coordinators, Shellah Marie Tabayoyong and Francis Santos recently bared the school’s socio-economic and ecological program. In a 16-minute launching video posted on YouTube highlighting activities of the recently-concluded Science and Religion Week, the coordinators underscored the rationale and goals of the program. In his opening message, Religion Coordinator, Francis Santos, cited United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres: “Time is running out.  But it is not too late.  It is our obligation to do everything to stop this ecological crisis before it stops us.”   Mr. Santos continues: “Our home–the “oikos” of God–is going through an ecological crisis.  We are all facing a global climate emergency and a pandemic.”

In line with this calling, the Science and Religion Week was held last November 15-19, 2021 with the theme: “SnR: Respond and Renew.  Science and Religion Responding to the challenges of the times in Renewing the “Oikos” of God“.  The week started with the launching video of the Marist School Socio-Economic and Ecological Program of the Community Extension Office and a call for action for everyone to be active stewards and guardians of God’s creation.  Different collaborative activities were done during the week namely: E-poster, Earth Patrol, Trash Explorers & Time Travelers, Faith in Action Poster, My Beatitudes for the Environment Collage, Bring Me to Life, Laudato Si 211 Family Challenge, Advocacy Poster, and Philippine Biodiversity & Environment Commentary.  The said outputs will be featured in a virtual exhibit.

The launching video further underscores the natural interrelatedness of the program’s socio-economic and ecological objectives as explained by Br. Christopher Gorit, FMS, head of the Community Extension Office.

Production credits of the video include the following:

Virtual Poster and Background: Mr. David Lumba (-St. Matthew)

Launching Video

Br. Chris Cordero Gorit, FMS (Community Outreach In-Charge)

Monologue: Mr. Vincent Samaniego (11-BCM)

Mr. Angel Lito Joseph Carambas (11-BFD)

Editors: Mr. Gian Carl Teanila (10-OLL)

Mr. Noah Tudoc (10-OLL)

Director and Cinematographer: Mr. Mark Arjay Dela Cruz

Marist School, a Laudato Si school